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Quarterly KPIs Q2 2021

  • Record total volumes: $161bn (up 897% from Q2’20)
  • Record total trades: 27,717,966 (up 473% from Q2’20)
  • Total BTC equivalent traded: 3,586,181 coins
  • 19 May 2021 record daily high: $6.5bn traded

Total QUARTERLY Volumes
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Macro crypto currency market outlook

Bitcoin has been very well supported on dips below $30,000 and there is evidence of potential basing in the aftermath of a massive correction off the record high from earlier this year ahead of $65,000. At the same time, we will need to see more upside for confirmation of a higher low and uptrend resumption, with a break back above the 15 June high at $41,325 required to encourage bullish prospects. Until then, the market remains confined to a choppy, directionless, sideways chop in the $30,000 to $40,000 area.

    • BTC technical levels:
    • R2 41,325 – 15 June high – Strong
    • R1 38,430 – 10 June high – Medium
    • S1 30,000 – Psychological – Strong
    • S2 28,800 – 22 June low – Strong

We’re into the second half of 2021 and the outlook is quite constructive. This has been a year of institutional acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies, and a year that has propelled prices to fresh record highs. Of course, it shouldn’t have come as any surprise to have seen the great parabolic run of 2021 run into a major correction. But at this stage, the balance of risk once again favours the topside as we get going in H2.

And even with all of the setbacks in 2021, Bitcoin and Ether are still massive winners YTD. Into the second half of this year, Bitcoin is a top performing asset relative to traditional markets, up over 20%, while Ether is in its own stratosphere, this despite the massive correction in H1, still managing to trade up around 200% YTD as we head into H2.

While China crackdowns and regulatory headwinds will still be a challenge in the second half of the year, and while risk associated with a potential meltdown in US and global equities could also disrupt the crypto asset class, ultimately, the longer-term value proposition is too compelling to ignore, and we anticipate a lot more buying than selling over the coming months.

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