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    • How is LMAX Digital different? more

      LMAX Digital is a global institutional digital exchange, using the LMAX Exchange trading technology and infrastructure. We offer fair, transparent, consistent and precise execution, along with proven technology, deep, robust liquidity and global distribution.

    • Who are the clients of LMAX Digital? more

      LMAX Digital is the institutional crypto currency trading exchange. Our deep institutional liquidity is particularly suited for financial institutions, banks, corporates, brokers and asset managers.

    • How do I open an account with LMAX Digital? more

      To become a client, you will need to apply for an account with LMAX Digital. Please complete the account application form or contact our LMAX Digital Sales team on +44 333 700 4096 or email: [email protected].

      Account application form Corporate account application form

    • Minimum deposit for opening an LMAX Digital account? more

      The minimum deposit size is 50,000 USD or crypto currency equivalent.

    • Which digital currencies are available to trade? more

      We currently offer BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and XRP (Ripple); all against the USD.

    • What is the minimum trade size? more

      The minimum size and order increment you can trade is 0.01 coins for all digital currencies, except XRP which has a minimum trade size of 1 coin.

    • What are my funding options? more

      We accept both fiat (via bank transfer) and crypto currency deposits. Information on how to deposit and withdraw is available via your Client Portal.

    • What fees do you charge? more

    • What are the trading hours? more

      LMAX Digital operates 24 hours, 7 days/ week (except 22:00 – 22:05 daily)

      We perform scheduled software releases, details of which will be sent in advance to all clients and members.

    • What is the settlement period? more

      Settlement can take up to T+1.

    • Are there limits to how much I can trade? more

      Prior to trading, you are required to have the full fiat amount needed to purchase the crypto currency or the crypto amount you wish to sell deposited on your LMAX Digital account.

    • How are my orders matched? more

      Orders are matched in an anonymous central limit order book on a price-time priority basis.

    • Are my crypto currencies safe with LMAX Digital? more

      LMAX Digital offers an industry leading full custodian solution by operating a multi-tiered wallet system (Hot, Cold and Vault). The majority of clients’ coins are held either in Cold (Offline Hardware Security, Multi-Signature) or Vault (Offline Hardware Security, Multi-Signature, Secure Vault) storage. The Vault storage has been designed in conjunction with a leading established security firm.

    • What are my connectivity options? more

      Connectivity is either over the Internet (SSL) or via a direct cross-connect through LMAX Proximity. As per our existing LMAX Exchange infrastructure, we support market data and orders over FIX 4.2/4.4; API (Java, .Net) and ITCH (available for cross-connected clients only), Drop Copy over FIX 4.4. View Connectivity Overview.

    • Where are your servers located? more

      Servers are located in the LD4/6 Equinix campus in Slough, United Kingdom. Cross-connects are via the LMAX Proximity Network in LD4.