• Trading features and benefits

    • Trusted, transparent and secure trading environment
    • One public rulebook applied to all members
    • Central limit order book
    • Streaming firm, deep institutional liquidity
    • Ultra-low latency, consistent execution under 350μs
    • All orders time-stamped in μs (receipt to execution)
    • Safe and secure hot/cold/vault multi-signature wallets
    • Full custodian solution
    • Bi-lateral settlement between members
  • Key facts

    • Instruments more

      BTC (Bitcoin), ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and XRP (Ripple) download instrument list

    • Access more

      LMAX FIX 4.2 /4.4, API (Java, .Net), web GUI, ITCH (market data)

    • Connectivity more

      Cross connect at LD4 and internet

    • Trading hours more

      24 hours, 7 days/ week (except 22:00 – 22:05 daily)

    • Min. trade size more

      0.01 coins (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH); 1 coin (XRP)

    • Settlement more

      Up to T+1

    • Fee schedule more

      Fee schedule for committed makers (effective until 30th June 2019)

      Passive Aggressive
      Free 3bps

      Fee schedule for non-committed makers and takers (effective until 30th June 2019)

      Passive Aggressive
      < $100m 2bps 6bps*
      > $100 < $200m 2bps 4bps
      > $200m 2bps 3bps

      Commission of 6BP* will be levied at point of trade on all aggressively matched orders

      Traded volume (calculated as passively and aggressively matched orders in aggregate) will be reviewed monthly

      Clients meeting the stated volume discount thresholds will be rebated monthly on a retrospective basis

      Discounts will be applied on a back to zero volume basis

    • Execution schematic launch

    • Custodian solution schematic launch