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Quarterly KPIs Q1 2021

  • Record total volumes: $151bn (up 665% YoY)
  • Record total trades: 18,899,326 (up 220% YoY)
  • Record total BTC equivalent traded: 3,605,299 coins
  • 23 February 2021 record high: $4.4bn traded

Total monthly Volumes
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Daily Traded Volumes ($M)

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Average Trade Size
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Macro crypto currency market outlook

Monthly technical readings are still tracking in severe overbought territory heading into Q2 2021. Risk for any meaningful bullish continuation beyond the recent record high just over $60,000 should be limited over the coming days and weeks, with the higher probability leaning towards more correction and consolidation. There is now room for the correction to extend back down into the $40,000 area, where a higher low would ideally be sought out for a resumption of the bigger picture uptrend.

    • BTC technical levels:
    • R2 61,680 – 14 March/Record high – Strong
    • R1 60,000 – Psychological – Medium
    • S1 42,000 – Previous resistance – Strong
    • S2 40,000 – Psychological – Strong

Heading into 2021, there was a great anticipation for institutional adoption. And as we saw follow through on this anticipation, the bitcoin price tripled in value, exploding to a record high beyond $60,000. But with much of that now priced into the market, and with short-term bitcoin fundamentals still correlating with global risk sentiment, there does appear to be room for somewhat of an adjustment lower in the price before we see that next wave of renewed demand. We also believe bitcoin’s emergence into the mainstream will invite more challenge and scrutiny from central banks and governments, which could translate to a bumpy ride in Q2 2021 before the asset once again finds its legs on the compelling longer-term value proposition.

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